About Florida Candles

Dear customer, thank you for stopping by on our website! We are glad to see you here and happy to introduce you to our product. Me and my husband are big fans of theme-parks. That’s why we decided to create special fragrances of your favorite vacation destinations. We believe that the best way to bring the magic to you is in a form of the candle!

How we create magic?

Our most important goal to create candles using natural ingredients.

All the candles made with unique para-soy blend wax, eco-friendly wicks and special fragrances.

Our candles are coming in 2 size variations, using elegant glass jars 7.5 oz and 15 oz. and 3 size variations, using practical metal containers 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz.

We are always open to customers suggestions and ideas, we are also always looking for new smells! Please email us if you feel like there is your favorite theme park smell we are missing.


Our candles are 100% organic, made by using unique Para-Soy wax.


Florida Candles using only exclusive eco-friendly wicks for every candle.


Every single product we sell is made by our hands. In each one of them is a little bit of Magic!


My name is Lily.

If you see this, it means we have at least one thing in common, we both love Orlando and all that fun the city can offer you!

Let’s talk about smell. Smell is the most unique of the five senses. The smell doesn’t have a shape, and you surely can’t touch it, but it can stay in your memories longer and stronger than anything else.

Florida candles were created to help people all over the world experience that unforgettable smell of their favorite attractions and resorts over and over again, without leaving home.

Our mission is to bring MAGIC to every home in the world! Please help me make it happenen!

Inside Our Shop

Welcome to Florida Candles store. We hope you will enjoy our big selection of theme parks and resorts inspired candles, wax melts, and room sprays!



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